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  • 3 Year Anniversary!

    Ibrecap is now 3 years old! It started as an idea at the end of MYP and it's still going as I finish my first year of University. Over the last 3 days you may have noticed Ibrecap was completely down. This was because I was transferring the website to a new hosting provider. Now we're good to go for another 3 years!
  • New mobile navbar

    To improve the user experience on mobile, we've replaced the navbar buttons with a new dropdown hamburger menu and an expanding search bar. Now it's easy than ever to navigate IBrecap on mobile.
  • Added support for Internet Explorer.

    As part of our current focus on improving IBrecap's cross-browser compatibility, the home page code has been re-engineered to render better when using internet explorer.

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What is IBrecap?

Our website, is for all students in IB MYP and IB DP who want a simple and intuitive way of revising. Our aim is to take many sets of notes and concentrate them down to just what is essential.
Since IBrecap is a wiki, users from around the world have contributed notes allowing us to cover a variety of units, so all the notes you need are in one place. With a max word count per unit of 1500 words for MYP and 3000 for IB DP, you won't ever have to sift through unnecessary information again, just to find what you need.

This is IB recap - the future of IB revision.