Sine, Cosine and Tangent 

Trignometric ratios

The ratio's between the sides of a triangle have the names Sine, Cosine and Tangent. 

Sinθ= OppositeHypotenuse

Cosineθ = AdjacentHypotenuse

tangentθ =OppositeAdjacent

These ratios are known by the calculator and so if you know any one side and an angle you can find the missing sides with a calculator. 

Acronym to memorize trig. ratios

SOH CAH TOA can be used to remember these trigonometric ratios because:

Sine (=) Opposite (over) Hypotenuse 

Cosine (=) Adjacent (over) Hypotenuse

Tangent (=) Opposite (over) Adjacent

Trigonometric Ratios  for non-right angled triangles

Law of Cosines:

This can be used to find the missing side of any triangle if you have two sides and the angle between them.


Sine Rule:

This can be used if you have either:




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