Our Mission

"To make top quality IB revision resources accessible to all IB students for free"

Our story

IBrecap began in the IB Middle Years Programme when co-founder Andrei Charlier and I worked together on making perfect notes for the end of year exams. We wanted our notes to be as compressed and neat as possible, so that we could use them as effective recaps just before the exams.

Later, after finishing our exams we realized that, because of the time we had taken to condense and structure the notes, we had created some of the best resources available to students for MYP and wanted a way to share them with other students. At the time I was starting to take an interest in web development and thought this could be the perfect opportunity to gain some real world skills and as such set out to turn our notes into a dynamic wiki website which would allow anyone to read the unit summaries and even edit them. This later became IBrecap.

I built the website over the course of 2 months from scratch with PHP, HTML, JS and CSS. During this time, Andrei helped tremendously with all the design elements and created most of the icons on the site; you can thank Andrei for our innovative homepage design!

At the time, IBrecap was the first MYP revision website and after it's success during the e-assessments one year later it has cemented it's place as the #1 MYP revision site on the internet.

- Joe Clinton, co-founder of IBrecap

Looking to the future

After our initial success IBrecap has gained a lot of support and with the help of students around the world, we are now in the process of writing the notes for the diploma program aswell, so that hopefully one day we will be the the leading IB revision site!

We're currently in the process of promoting the site and introducing new features which will improve the user-experience for readers and contributors alike. Overall, the future of IBrecap is going to be exciting!