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Treaty of versailles

A treaty which forced germany to pay large amounts of dept, give away its land and downgrade its army.

Germany when bankrupt and felt humiliated. The citizens did not like their situation and wanted revenge for the harsh punishment.

Great depression

In 1929 millions of american investors began selling their stocks causing the stock market to plummet in a an event called “The Wall Street Crash”. American banks began pulling in their loans to foreign countries in a desperate attempt to save the economy

When the US pulled back in their loans from Germany they caused Germany's economy to become worse than it already was. Germany's currency hyperinflated and money was worthless. This made the citizens desperate enough to look to leaders like Hitler for help

Totalitarian regimes

Dictatorships in Europe were gaining power

The leaders of the countries with totalitarian regimes, had a lot of power and could go to war just because it served their personal ambition.


Major powers isolated themselves from the problems in germany., as the population was very opposed to war. E.g the washington conference limited the size of countries navies, and the kellogg - briand pact condemned war as a way to solve conflicts.

Appeasement policies meant that powers would simply give dictators what they want instead of starting a war, in hopes they won’t want anything else. And people also simply ignored the issue with germany and the fact it was recreating its army in order to prevent another war.


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