Electron arrangement

Electron shells

Electron shells naturally want to have a full outer shell

Level of shell Number of electrons
1st level 2
2nd level 8
3rd level 8

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Relationship between electron shells and the periodic table

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Ions are elements which have had electrons added or removed,  giving them a charge.

Cation vs Anion

Cation: An ion with less electrons than normally. It has a positive charge .

Anion: An ion with more electrons than normally. It has a negative charge.


Types of bonding

Bonding name Type of elements Diagram
Covalent Simple molecular Non-metal and  Non-metal Image result for covalent bond
Giant molecular Carbon or Silicon with itself. Image result for giant covalent
Metallic Metal and Metal Image result for Metallic bond
Ionic Non-metal and metal Image result for Ionic bond diaGRAM

Lewis structures

A lewis structure is a diagram specifically for Covalent bonding Which shows which electrons are shared in the bond of a molecule.

How to draw it:

Example diagram

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