User Centered Design(UCD) HL




UCDUser-Centered Design

A process where members of the desired target audience influence the developmental process of a product

Empathetic Design

Puts the designer in contact with the target audience, thus gaining knowledge of the user's desires, needs, and feedback

Inclusive Design

Designing products that are suitable for a wide range of people including for ones with disabilities

All biases of the designers must be put aside and the development of the design must be primarily based on the consumer.




User, Task and Environment in UCD

User Task Environment
  • Testing is done with actual user
  • Utilizes Empathetic Design
  • Should be completed with ease
  • Understanding and ease of use is essential
  • Taking into account the environment the product will be placed


Design Cycle of UCD



Inclusive design - Welcoming everyone Examples:


ATM Machines




Strategies for user research


Strategies for user-centred design (UCD)


Beyond usability—designing for pleasure and emotion


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