System Fundamentals

1.1 Systems in organizations

1.1.1 Context for a new system

The context for when a new system is planned are usually for 2 main reasons which can be divided into numerous sub-parts. One must note that planning for a new system usually involves a lot of time and effort,  not to mention cost incurred by the organization, and hence is only implemented  in apt scenarios.

1. The old system is flawed. As a system gets older it faces countless issues that it experiences due to wear and tear of the system itself or its inability to fit to the new dynamic of the workplace. Some of the ways that an old system can be flawed are:


2. The new system provides benefits that make it worth to adopt. As technology develops, so do the needs and wants of consumers around the world, newer systems solve problems in ways never thought of and provide new features which usually help increase accessibility. Some ways that a new system can do this are:


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