Dolce and Gabbana

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Dolce & Gabbana Ads

Focus: Gender & Sexuality

Concepts: Representation, identity, creativity, communication, perspective

Areas of Exploration: Readers, writers and texts, Time & space. 


No. 1

There are 5 men in the picture, 1 man is lying down nude, 3 men are wearing white suits, and only 1 man is wearing a black suit. 2 men seem to be observing the nude man. In focusing facial expressions. 2 other men appear to stand in a line to take turns, we can see them trying to take off their clothes.



In the picture, we see judgment from the men towards the other men. It’s like the
men in white are being controlled, observed and judged by the other two men. This
judgment is based on body structure and handsomeness. Maybe this indicates how
men are seen nowadays. That they have to have the perfect shape to be qualified for
a certain field of work, which is modeling here.


No. 2





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